Concede. Repent. Destroy.

Tash Bandicoot. Funky haired photographer in training.

  • me: no one ever texts me
  • *gets a text*
  • me: wtf do you want

  • So far only edited 5 photos but I like how this shoot turned out!



    Omg today when I woke up I was so confused that I couldn’t remember my first language and I panicked and literally screamed ‘But I dont even know how to speak french’ in english.

    I’m german.

    I am oddly glad that this can happen.

    This photo gives me life it’s literally two of my favourite things.

    I want this artwork tattooed on me like now.

    Painting the roses red. 🌹🎨 
{These are going on my etsy today!}
    Artist: UnknownFall Out Boy
    Title: UnknownCenturies (8 Bit)
    Album: Unknown
    Plays: 167,892

    Reminiscing over Leeds festival. Seeing Gerard was one of my highlights. The full images are on my flickr.


    do you ever wonder about how many ppl have hit on frank without knowing who he is





    Plot twist: The next companion is a normal girl/boy who only dies once in their lifetime and has no remarkable back story but he thinks they’re wonderful because they are human and the Doctor needs reminding that you don’t need to be a mystery to be remarkable. 

    #and the doctor never has to kiss them or sexualize them at all #in fact they are not even attracted to the doctor

    so basically we want Donna back